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About Us

Keeping you ahead of the curve

Over 120 years of unique know-how has been retained within our factory walls and we're hugely proud of that heritage. Every day, you benefit from our mission to leverage this ingrained knowledge - stretching our machines to reach new capabilities. In many cases, we lead the way in the most innovative print solutions and can boast vast intellectual property around our processes, which only you can access.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee memorabilia

Since 1890, Homeware Creative has been entrusted with the highest profile projects. You're welcome to see our archive engraving tools from the 19th century (a stark contrast to today!). We’ve even donated the print patterns for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee memorabilia, to our local history museum. That said, it's not all history - our approach to your printing sits firmly in the future.

You inspire our print inventions

Everything we do is the result of a client's print conundrum, which needed a print solution to meet a marketing brief or translate a style guide. You'll be working with a team of 30 plus print specialists who have mastered their trade during decades of practical learning and are fearless about printing in new ways, for new and better outcomes.

'Can do' printing

We mean it when we say we're your solutions partner. Whether that be visiting your site to assist with the positioning of signs for real estate, or working with schools to produce window covers and blinds that can be operated within strict regulations and guidelines. Every project is different and we thrive on the challenges you bring.

The best kept secrets

Working with large scale commercial partners, we pride ourselves on maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of our contracts. You can always count upon this, long after we've completed a project for you. Information about these types of partnerships has been kept within our company for over 100 years in some cases - they know we'll always deliver and that their reputation is safe with us.

The difference here is simple: we take our knowledge and apply it to print innovations on your behalf. Meaning, if you want something printing onto any surface, we'll find a way.

Browse our case studies to see the potential for your own project.